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More Local Music News Than Record Store Day Exclusives

Welcome once again to another installment of our smash hit series, Magnolia City Mixtape. This week is just like all the rest, with a bumper crop of local music news for your eyes and ears.

We'll start off with our soundtrack, which happens to be an EP from local rock outfit Rivers, entitled Mind Your Mind.

With that said, let's have a look at the upcoming shows. Springsteen-tinged crew Fake Problems stops in to Fitz's tonight. Rocks Off gushed about them when we covered SXSW and Warped Tour (yep).

The Toadies, who come from both Dallas and the water, drop by Warehouse Live this evening as well. We'll be there, singing away.

Expect Toyota Center to get rowdy for Lil' Wayne tomorrow nightLil' Wayne tomorrow night. He's bringing Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike along with him.

The Burden releases their new record, Feral Children, at Mango's on Wednesday, Venomous Maximus, Night Seige, and Talk Sick Brats round out the bill for the free show.

Finally, guitar maven KT Tunstall hits the House of Blues on Thursday.

Which brings us to perhaps the most important show of all, Free Press Summer Fest. OK, so that's not until June, but the fine folks that run the shindig need Houston's help selecting a lucky local artist to perform on the main stage right before the national acts begin.

Speaking of shows, if you missed the B L A C K I E in 3D show at Warehouse Live, fret not - you can catch a 27-minute glimpse of it.

Hey, look - Bun B has a Tumblr. Or should we say a Trillmblr?

Need some more kids' songs in that iTunes? Welcome to the AndyRooniverse is out now, and comes with a pack of crayons.

SkyLounge wants everyone to give their demo a listen.

Here's some footage of The Watermarks performing "Shut Down" at Fitzgerald's last week.

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