Morgan Page: On The Road, In The Air, and Going Green

Morgan Page, like many of his fellow producers who are enjoying the surging popularity of EDM here at home, is a busy man. His weeks are dedicated to working on new music, remixes, and producing his radio program/podcast In The Air while he spends his weekends playing club and festival dates across the continent.

He's had steady success over the course of his career, much of that success coming from the remix work he does. He's reworked tracks from the likes of Tegan & Sara, Katy Perry, La Roux, Madonna, and Korn, and last year he grabbed a Grammy nomination for a remix of Nadia Ali's "Fantasy".

Friday night he returns to Houston for a show at Stereo Live and we're sure the kids will be out for another long night of dancing in the dark. We caught up with him to talk how he's living in 2012.

Rocks Off: So is it hard to keep track of everything when you're going back and forth across the country every weekend?

Morgan Page: Yeah, it's definitely crazy. You would think international time zones would be an issue but when it's only an hour or a couple of hours it always makes things a little odd -- you never really know what time it is. I'm actually glad though that the best place to play right now is North America.

RO: How do you approach a club show versus a festival show?

MP: The biggest limiting factor is how much time I have to play. At a festival I'm playing an hour, which is really short, whereas a club show is a couple of hours. At a festival I will play pretty much only my music and my remixes which is something that took a while to do.

You want to keep everybody really excited, make it the best night of their lives, and it took a long time to build that repertoire up. So in a club I can kind of explore a little more and take people a little more on a journey.

RO: In The Air has over 110 episodes. Did you expect to be working on it in for that long?

MP: I was doing it monthly and I think I wasn't taking it seriously. Now if I miss a podcast people are upset with me. I haven't missed one yet but if it's a day late people will yell at me.

It's something I love to do. I want the show to be almost like art. I want you to be able to listen to these and enjoy them in five or ten years when you go on a road trip. It's not like, "Ah man, I don't want to hear that guy's voice over and over again". I keep the talking to a minimum.

I wasn't expecting it to be a weekly thing but I think it makes it much a stronger as a weekly show that stays current with music.

RO: Are there any artists out there who you'd like to work with that you haven't connected with yet?

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MP: There's always a huge list of collaborators. It's funny because we actually just reached out to Adele and she actually got back to us; her manager got back to my people. She was like, "Adele's just not doing any collaborations right now." We were just thrilled to get a response especially since she's having a kid.

But there are tons of people. In terms of other producers I really like Avicii and Afrojack. Maybe someday I'll do a proper collaboration with Deadmau5. He did a remix for me.

RO: Recently you wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the Tesla Model S and going green in the studio. Have there been any advances in going green on tour?

MP: At the moment probably no. There aren't any major steps I'm taking on the road, and it sucks because of the carbon footprint of all the flying and planes. Maybe planes will be electric eventually. Elon Musk, who owns Telsa and is making this whole car a reality, is building rockets at Space X so maybe he'll reinvent private jets of DJ travel.

RO: How about getting promoters to use confetti made out of recycled paper?

MP: That would be a good one. We did confetti for a while and kind of stopped doing that because it's really expensive. You'd think confetti would be cheap and would just be some commodity you could buy from China or wherever.

You see a lot less flyering now which is good. I always was kind of annoyed by seeing flyers on the street and in the gutter. Now everything is so focused on the digital world and doing Facebook ads. That's one good thing to see.

Morgan Page plays Stereo Live Friday at 9:00 pm, with Surain and Vance Lawrence.

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