Morning MP3s: Keene Street Party Edition

Well, too bad about Andrew W.K., but really, are you going to let that stop you from going to this afternoon/evening/night's big Keene Street Warehouse party (1620 Keene Street). Didn't think so. Let's get started with some video from Houston natives and your brand-new headliners the Octopus Project. "Music Is Happiness" - indeed...

Now, on to the MP3s. Thanks to all the bands who sent theirs in; those who didn't, hopefully you'll learn a lesson from this. I have no idea what the order is today, so we'll just do this in alphabetical order. First up, American Sharks...

...on to By the End of Tonight...

the Jonbenet...

...and Welfare Mothers.

Apologies to O Pioneers! - I couldn't post yours because the file was too big. (Please compress and resend.) Also on today's card are Bring Back the Guns, Watermarks, Riff Tiffs, Papermoons, Blackie, Limb and Lisa's Sons. DJs Shoe and Damon Allen keep it live between sets. Weather and sobriety permitting, HSR will have a bunch of pictures from the party come Monday.

Oh, and I'm sure Andrew W.K. had a very, very good reason to cancel, so I stuck a couple of his videos after the jump. If anyone even cares now. - Chris Gray

"We Want Fun"

"She Is Beautiful"

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