Most Depressing Video Ever: Teens Listen to the New Taylor Swift Song

This week saw the premiere of Taylor Swift's new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" online. It's about an ex-boyfriend, which comes as a shock because the rest of her catalog is pretty romantically ambiguous, and she normally never vaguely discloses anything about her personal life in her work.

The song is the first taste of her upcoming album, entitled Red, which should be hitting the streets at the end of October, and more than likely followed by another damned tour.

To help premiere the song, Swift gathered a few of her fans inside what looks like an infomercial set to listen to the song together. Swift sorta-sings along with herself, making it a strange karaoke party. She really looks a lot better on a stage, and not sitting in a silk recliner putting her hands in the air like she don't care.

The listening party and live webchat is mostly made of younger chicks, though I spied one or two guys, probably there to scam on them.

Every few seconds the feed clicks over to a few fans checking out the stream at home, including what looks like a pair of Siamese twins and a crying girl in braces. One girl looks like she's supposed to be answering phones at a doctor's office.

The video ends in a group hug. Funny, most of the videos I watch online when I am not at work do too.

How is the song? It's about a mean ex-boyfriend, what the fuck do you think it's about?

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