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Mp3: Black Congress' "Davidians"

Up until about three or four months ago, Black Congress had been rather reclusive. The veritable indie supergroup, made up of scene vets Roy Mata, Chris Ryan and Bret Shirley, with Dann Miller and singer Bryan Jackson from the Jonbenet, had only played a handful of shows since Black Congress's inception early last summer.

The group released a split-tape with Muhammad Ali early this year that blew Rocks Off's black socks off and made us have to drive back to Mom's house to dig out our old Walkman cassette player.

The band seems to be making a go of it as of late, playing shows with more regularity, including this small gig at a house party Memorial Day weekend. Black Congress is also lined up to play with Baltimore's post-hardcore vets Double Dagger at Super Happy Funland on June 23 with Muhammad Ali.

This track, "Davidians," leaked out a few days ago. And by leak, I mean we just e-mailed Dead City Sound and said "Gimme that song, yo." You can also hear it on Black Congress's MySpace, along with the tracks from the band's side of the aforementioned split-tape.

Black Congress is planning for this new track to be included on a new seven-inch, set to hit the street by August.

The show at SHFL will also serve as Ali's national tour kick-off. Godspeed, you guys, and try to pin down a spelling for your band's name while you are on the road spreading the gospel. All this changing makes us wilt like a southern belle in the sun.

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Craig Hlavaty
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