MP3 Monday: Music from Dominique, Fiskadoro, Chocolate Crucifix and Dave Wrangler

Welcome back to MP3 Monday. We've been away for a bit due to SXSW, but we're back now and dedicated to bringing you tantalizing tidbits of local music from all over the spectrum. If you think you've got what it takes, email your MP3s to or

We'll start with some starry-eyed soul from Houston R&B ingenue Dominique - here are a couple of previews from her album Good Girl Blues, out next week:

Here's some skin-crawling electro-Goth from Lake Jackson's


, definitely one of the more interesting local bands Rocks Off has heard in a while. Catch them this coming Sunday at Fitzgerald's:

Watch out - it's Pasadena hardcore hombres Chocolate Crucifix:

And we'll round out this installment of MP3 Monday - keep 'em comin' - with something from local mash-up mastermind

Dave Wrangler

's recent release

Heads Up Houston

. This one pits '90s L.A. hip-hop pranksters the Pharcyde against Austin electro-boogie duo Ghostland Observatory:


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