MP3 Monday: Music From Teenage Kicks, LSPS, Hash Brown & Fat Tony, OSIRUS and Dave Wrangler

[A while back, Rocks Off sent out a call for Houston bands and musicians to send him MP3s of their recent work. It took a little bit, but here are the fruits of that planting...]


Here's some snappy punk from Houston trio Teenage Kicks...

...and some STP-esque power-rock from



...Some shiny, Coltrane-channeling hip-hop from Council Music Group's 

Hash Brown

(left) featuring

Fat Tony


...Catchy, castigating femme-fronted power-pop from alt-rock quartet


- and no, they've got nothing to do with ODB, Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt or any of the late Wu-Tang rapper's other aliases...

...And, finally, from the fingertips of local mash-up wiz

Dave Wrangler

and his new CD

Heads Up Houston

, here's Ghostland Observatory and the Pharcyde joining forces to blow your freakin' mind...

Rocks Off hopes to do this every Monday, so please send your MP3s - include artist, song title, album title (if available) and link to Web site/MySpace page - to chris.gray@houstonpress.com.

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