MP3 of the Day: Benjamin Wesley

We always loved Tha Fucking Transmissions, especially seeing them upstairs at Boondocks, or pumping "Die Mother-Fucka Die" in the car on the way to or from work (depending on the day of the week). When the band's multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley announced he was working on a solo project, though, who was to know just what we would be in store for?

Wesley's EP, Geschichte, hit the streets in February, and our personal world has never been the same. Each track seemed to resonate with a ramshackle, endearing quality, with Wesley's voice trembling over the beds of music he laid down. In a live setting, the man can be seen with two guitars strapped on him while manning the controls of his console.

Houston's favorite track for the past seven months or so has been

"Have You Ever Died."

"Have You Ever Died."

The track opens with sounds that you would find in an antique store, full of painted glass and ancient music makers. Then Wesley's voice comes in like some sort of humble ghost. The track ends up evolving into a Paul Simon-esque Graceland stomper full of brass and a joyous chorus ramping up behind him.

Good call, Houston.

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Craig Hlavaty
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