MP3 of the Day: Ghost Mountain

Rocks Off had heard a lot of great things about Ghost Mountain, but until the Buxton 7-inch release party, the Baytown-based electro duo's merit had yet to be proven. When the two high-schoolers took the stage, we thought it was some kind of joke. No way could tracks like "Good Heart" and "Eye Rings" come from the brains of two guys that still need a friend's older brother to buy them alcohol. But lo and behold, when Ghost Mountain launched into their set, they were the geniuses, indeed.

"Good Heart"

is a song that transcends any kind of "ageism." The lyrics go, "Just because you're a girl/ Doesn't mean you're attractive/ And I've got the master factors." The breakdowns show that Ghost Mountain understands that you can't just get a turntable and mixer and call yourself a DJ. On songs like "Nap in the Woods," they utilize many different elements of hip-hop, and if hearing the Paul Wall-style chopped-and-screwed line "Get up to watch Sesame Street early in morning" doesn't get stuck in your head, then lucky you, because it's been in our brains for days now. Ghost Mountain has the skills to make their audience dance and the lyrics to make them flow along. With Wildcat Mountain, Rainbo Video and The They, 8 p.m. Wednesday, August 5, at Super Happy Funland, 3810 Polk, 713-880-2100 or www.superhappyfunland.com.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.