MP3 of the Day: Ghost Town Electric

Rocks Off amuses ourselves at the office in many ways. We drink during the day, take long lunch breaks and listen to our music really loud, breaking any kind of cubicle etiquette. We're kidding, mostly, but one of the latest bands we've added to our desktop mix is Ghost Town Electric, the very first act on Summer Fest's Free Press Houston stage Saturday afternoon.

GTE's song "Black Gold"

GTE's song "Black Gold"

is in-your-face rock and oll. There is no dabbling with pop, no usage of Auto-tune or any other software. It's honest and takes root in the same musical soil as acts like Led Zeppelin, only with less soul. Specifically, "Black Gold" showcases guitarist Billy Hesser at his best. His riffs show more power than the vocals, but that's not a problem here.

Though this may seem like Hesser's moment to shine, drummer Billy Boyd isn't sold short either, showing precision with his hits and solos. These two Billy's might allow Houstonians the chance to brag about more than just our hip-hop. At the very least, they're helping to bring life to a fledging genre.

12:10 p.m., Saturday, August 8, Free Press Houston stage, Eleanor Tinsley Park, 500 Allen Parkway. See or for ticket information.

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Kim Douglass
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