MP3 of the Day: Grizzly

There's nothing better on the Fourth of July than stumbling across a new band from your hometown whose surly, punk-flavored roots-rock is as American as hot dogs and waterboarding. That's what happened to Rocks Off this past Independence Day when, while wandering around the Island taking pictures, we stumbled across Grizzly at Eric Tucker's Continental July 4 party. We were immediately won over by the band's electrified twang, which, when coupled with the smoke wafting in from the barbecue pit out back, made us feel patriotic as hell. Of course, Rocks Off is going to be pretty high on any band that reminds us of the Drive-By Truckers even a little, and Grizzly reminds us of DBT a lot. The band - Grizzly, not DBT - returns to the Continental tonight to play Tucker's "Wicked Wednesdays." Check out

"How Fast They Fade"


"The Letter."

With Your Amsterdam and the Phillip Griffin Band, 9 p.m. at the Continental Club, 3700 Main, 713-529-9899 or www.continentalclub.com/houston.html.

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