MP3 of the Day: Hayes Carll

Some basic facts that cannot be disputed. Our economy is in the shitter; parts of downtown Houston smell like a little boy's bathroom, puddles and all; and singing good country music is no easy feat. The next artist on Rocks Off's week-long visit through the HPMA Best Local Song nominees is Hayes Carll's

"Bad Liver and a Broken Heart,"

written by Scott Nolan. Carll sings, repeatedly, "Come in clean, leave torn apart/ A bad liver and a broken heart." These lyrics are not meant for the celebration of new love. It's a musical rope-a-dope - sad lyrics to fit the sorry state of your life, with a cheery folk/country guitar accompaniment so you don't have to feel as pathetic while you drink your sorrows away. Many glasses will be raised to this track, Mr.Carll. Mission accomplished.

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