MP3 of the Day: "Omaha ICU," Inspired By Our Own Lonesome Onry and Mean

Baltimore country songwriter and performer Arty Hill has found Rocks Off to not only be food for thought, but food for songwriting. Readers might recall his previous song "Texas Ganja Man" which was inspired by one of LOM's comments on a blog about Bob Marley. Well, Hill, who has written songs with icons like Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers, has come up with another new song based on one of our columns. Hill wrote to us that he couldn't let go of the image of Bob Woodruff OD'ing and being hauled to the ICU in Omaha, where he was made to drink liquified charcoal to purge his system of heroin.

Arty Hill, "Omaha ICU"

Anyway, a few weeks back Hill emailed his first-blush lyrics to the song. After reading them, LOM asked if he would mind if we forwarded them to Woodruff, whom I figured would be at best intrigued, at worst mildly amused. Woodruff was entirely enthusiastic, and he began an email conversation with Hill that resulted in a couple of rewrites.

Anyway, long story short, this past Monday during his lunch hour, Hill went to a friend's studio and demo'ed "Omaha ICU." If you pay close attention, you can even hear Hill work in a reference to "Kingsford" charcoal.

LOM can't wait for the royalties to start rolling in, even though as a highly paid Houston Press blogger he really doesn't need any more income.

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