MP3 of the Day: thelastplaceyoulook

Damn, Houston. We even do massive indie modern rock like a boss. Recent Artist of the Week thelastplaceyoulook, buoyed by lead singer Justin Nava's mammoth vocals, have been mainstays on the H-Town rock scene for the past five years. It's chest-pumping heartfelt modern rock that outruns all the garbage that passes for same on the Buzz - not by miles, but by light years. The band relentlessly tours Texas, amassing a devoted following as far up as Dallas.

This has been a banner year for LPYL, who plays the HPMA showcase 7 p.m. Sunday at House of Blues' Concert Hall. The band released the acclaimed LP See the Light Inside You this past winter and now they been nominated for four Houston Press Music Awards, including Best Male Vocal for Nava, a Best Drummer nod for Andy Moths and Best Rock Band.

Houston fans also nominated them for Best Local Song, for the apocalyptic anthem

"Don't Make It So Easy."

"Don't Make It So Easy."

With its haunting female back-up vocals and Nava's barrel-chested bellow, Rocks Off heartily agrees.

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Craig Hlavaty
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