MP3 of the Day: You(genious)'s Sticky-Sweet "Sex on a Spoon"

Hello, ladies. Come on in. Allow Rocks Off to take your coats. What's that? It's August? You don't have any coats? No matter. Would you care for a glass of wine? Perhaps some Hennessy? Help yourself to this plate of fine cheeses, please. Half off at Spec's, you know. Here, step into the study. Have a seat. No, no, not over there. Come over here to this leather sofa. It's oversized, so there's room enough for all of us. Rocks Off has a new jam to play for you. It's by Houston's very own "Misfit of R&B," You(genious), and it's called

"Sex on a Spoon."

It's deee-licious. Speaking of, you're looking pretty fine over there. Why don't you come sit a little closer? There you go. Ease into it. Hear how that beat takes its time, brushing up against that teasing synthesizer like someone was lightly running their fingers through your hair? How about the Misfit's silky croon, offering all manner of sensual confections like he was R. Kelly or Keith Sweat or somebody? It's from his album Lust, Love & Time: The Death of a Man, out next month. Giving you any ideas? Want to hear it again? How about Houston mixmaster

Dave Wrangler's "DAVESTEP" remix

? Hold on. Rocks Off thinks we have some chocolate sauce around here somewhere. Hey... where are you going?

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