Mp3: Simpleton's "Milo"

Here’s a little nugget from the vaults. In 2000, when punk/rappers Simpleton released this, there was more excitement about baseball here than there had been since about 1986.

The Astros were moving into Enron Stadium! It was Lima time! The Killer B’s! We were gonna go to the World Series! Rap-rock ruled the earth! Man, it all seems a lifetime ago.

The stadium has cycled through two name-changes, and I seem to recall there being some kind of funny business with Enron. The Killer B’s all hung up their cleats. Jose Lima flamed out here almost as badly as Jason Jennings. Simpleton broke up, and rap-rock is in the crapper.

I believe of the What Do You Want to Do? line-up of Simpleton, only drummer Beans Wheeler and DJ Sun are still active on the scene here. Vocalist B.C. is dealing poker, bassist Marc Armaos moved to Austin, and I’m not sure of the whereabouts of guitarist Simon.

This song is a world of ghosts. Only Milo remains in (half of) his old job, and everyone knows that old codger is gonna bury us all, except maybe for Little Joe Washington.

At any rate, I’ll stand by my love of Simpleton and this song. They did punky funk-rap the right way. And have any other bands come up with great original Astros songs? Grade: 96.1John Nova Lomax

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.