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Muhammadali Seeks Naked People for New Video

On the heels of the news that Hell City Kings is in the process of filming their first music video comes word that indie-grungers Muhammadali are planning their own shoot February 6 at the Free Press Houston warehouses. Veteran director Mark Armes and graphic artist Shelby Hohl are said to be on board the project as well.

The clip will be for the band's new gestating song "We Don't Like It," which we first got a listen of when it was still a demo back over last summer. The song will be a part of the band's upcoming full-length now being recorded at Dead City Sound. A statement on Facebook from Funwunce, the group behind the project, stated:

"The concept is very simple, the band is playing in a white room with a wall of naked humans behind them going as apeshit as possible. We will be playing alot of this footage back in slow motion so everyone involved will look ultra gnarly."

Participants in the video will be compensated for their time and nudity with a keg and other free swag from the band and Funwunce, but honestly being naked in a rock video should be its own reward. Not that Rocks Off is going to be at the shoot or anything. Or peeking in the windows and bringing in the Flip Camera.

We wouldn't do that, we swear.

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Craig Hlavaty
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