Muse Releases a New Queen-errific Track: What Ya Think?

Well, Muse's new song is not quite the dubstep massacre that we all thought it be indicated from the album teaser. But it's also the official song for the upcoming Summer Olympics in London, so it had to be palatable for the masses. No molly is needed to enjoy this cut.

And whoa, is there a whole lotta Queen going on here. Or maybe it's just Foxy Shazam? With lead singer Matt Bellamy's yelp, the surging chorus in the back, the dense and layered strings, the guitar-weaving, this could either elate Queen fans or reignite the band's persistent haters. For what it's worth, I knew people who left after the band opened for U2 back in 2009 at Reliant Stadium.

All this should make us all kinds of jealous that the UK gets an actual rock band to soundtrack their Olympics. Shudder the thought of an Olympiad on U.S. soil having an actual rock band. The theme to the 1996 games in Atlanta was composed by John Williams, with an auxiliary song by Gloria Estefan.

Quick, someone write a list of American bands who could write a proper rousing and uplifting Olympics theme song.

Muse's new disc, The 2nd Law, is due for release on September 17 with hella touring no doubt going on afterwards. That last teaser has already had fans wringing their hands in dread that Muse would go the way of Korn and became a dubstep act months. Dubstep IS disco for Gen Y. (ed. note: edited to reflect um, yeah.)

That's funny, I should tweet that.

No worries folks, instead it looks like we're just getting a new Queen album. The Dubpocalypse will have to wait a few more years.

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