Music Award Nominations Going On Now

You know, Houston, we here at Rocks Off have been talking mad shit lately about how much all these broke-dicks like Scott Stapp and Nickelback hilariously suck and whatnot. It's easy to look down on pukes like that when we know what kind of awesome talent we have in our own backyard.

Besides, what can we say to compliment Houston that hasn't already been said better and more emphatically by people like Cornbreadd and Slim Thug?


We believe H-Town has the best music scene in Texas, if not the world. OK, Texas. And Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. Seriously, you guys all kick serious ass in your own special way. All of you shy freak-folkers, jazz flutists, deranged punkers, balls-out metalheads, and zydeco mavens make this city a joy to cover while you wreak havoc on our serotonin levels and livers.

Now you have the chance to recognize the talent amongst us by offering up your choices of who deserves all those Houston Press Music Awards we hand out in July. The ballot was revamped this year to incorporate events like the DJ nights that made us drunkenly climb the rafters - sorry, Boondocks - and the resurrected arts of LPs, EPs and the 7-inch vinyl single.

The ballot is on page 50 of this week's print Press and online right here. Either way, they're due by 9 a.m. Monday, May 18, so get to work. While you're there, sign up for our e-mail newsletter and text message alerts - but if you'd rather not, just uncheck the box to proceed. We swear we won't forward you any (more) of those juvenile chain texts.

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