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Musical "Holograms" We Don't Want To See Anytime Soon (OK, Yes We Do)

A lot has been made about the Tupac "hologram" at Coachella. First off, it's not really a hologram as much as it is CGI "magic" and it's nothing new, seeing that they have been doing it Japan for a few years now. But they do lots of things in Japan. It's even to get swept up in the madness because ohmahgawd you guys it's Tupac. We all remember the Celine Dion duet with Elvis on American Idol, right?

Sure there are folks who think it is a desecration of Shakur's image, but in all honesty, it can only help create new fans and shed light on his music. Who are we to say that he wouldn't be for it? Hell, maybe if he was still alive today how do we know he wouldn't be doing corny things that would be even worse than a "hologram," like Tyler Perry movies and syndicated sitcoms.

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Craig Hlavaty
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