Musicians Oblige Peer's Request For Honest Critique

Rocks Off likes to troll the musicians' section of Craigslist in an effort to catch interesting acts at their very inception. Usually we get the same old thing day in and day out:

Need FOC (Friend of Christ) bass player for worship band. Must have ride.

18 SERIOUS singer looking for band. Main influence is Evanescence.

Frustrated young man wants an honest appraisal of his music.

Wait. What?

Dustin Foreman (right) is a 20-year-old transplanted singer-songwriter from Austin. He's quit his job to pursue the rock and roll dream, practicing his craft four hours a day fueled only his love of music.

Thus far success has eluded our young friend, and he placed an ad on Craigslist asking that some fellow musicians of enhanced status tell him what he could to improve his work.

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