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Musicians Unite To Help Abyss Singer's Injured Son

Zain Oliver is the young son of Sean Ozz, front man for dark rock outfit The Abyss and local tattoo guru. Not long ago... well, we'll just let the picture at right tell the story of what happened to him.

Now, what adjective does that justice?

For many local musicians and artists, the price of health care is an enormous hurdle, and the hospital bills resulting from doctors turning a crazy straw back into an arm stand at over $7,000.

However, the one thing you always seem to be able to count on in the Houston music community is the generosity of your fellows.

It seems each of them understands that the sacrifices one makes in the name of furthering an artistic career may put them in a similar situation should the worst occur.

That's why this Saturday at BFE Rock Club, the doors, and hopefully the pockets of music fans, will open for a benefit concert. Scheduled to be included in the festivities are long running local legends like The Hates and Provision, as well as Black Kennedy, Harem Festival, Sheila Swift and more.

Well-wishers have donated some impressive items for sale at the event, everything from artwork to guitars to a Galveston condo. All proceeds will go towards paying Zain's medical bills.

"All of the band members in Provision have children, and we put our children first and foremost before anything, including ourselves," says one of them, Breye 7x.

"We did not hesitate when asked to be a part of this benefit for young Zain Oliver, so that hopefully he can get back to a normal childhood; and his father Sean can have some sense of relief from the financial strain and stress this has caused. It's a great cause."

In addition to their talents, Breye and the other members of Provision will be donating 100 percent of all their merchandise sales at the even to the cause.

Breye may be able to sympathize with what may happen, but other performers involved have joined the concert because of what has already happened. Christian Arnheiter of the Hates had to hold two separate benefits to raise money for his fiancée Alexis' cancer treatments, and helping Zain out seems like a good opportunity to give back to the community that stood by him in such a dark hour.

"Our hearts really just went out to Zain as soon as we heard about it," says Arnheiter. "We feel really lucky to be able to help in any way."

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