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Music's 10 Biggest Losers of 2014

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You know how the old saying goes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...

Between the divorces, public meltdowns and court sentences, there was just something in that bad boy (and bad girl) water that made these ten artists lose big in 2014. Here's to all the photographic evidence of that bad behavior, y'all. May they pull it together in 2015, and give others time to shine.

10. WES SCANTLIN Scantlin is on this list for two reasons. The first is because he had this meltdown, captured on video. The second is because unfortunately, nobody really seemed to care all that much about said meltdown except for the person in the crowd the Puddle of Mudd front man hit in the face with the mike he threw. Here's what happened.

Scantlin was playing in Dallas on April 16 and, according to fans, was lip syncing and got called out on it. But it's Scantlin, so he completely unraveled onstage, flipping the bird and throwing shit -- including his microphone, which he obviously wasn't using -- into the crowd. Then he decided to throw his shirt into the pit and yell, "It ain't my fault that I'm the hottest motherfucker in the god damn building" as he hightailed it offstage.

So yeah. He's a big fat baby.

9. LIL WAYNE Poor Weezy. So far this year, his album has been delayed, he's tried to get out of his record contract, and he's in a big ol' tiff with his buddy Birdman, who is apparently the one holding him hostage in said contract.

Lil Wayne has spent the last few weeks ranting on social media about his disagreement with Birdman, saying his supposed friend is trying to screw up his career by refusing to release his new album. He's been tweeting stuff like, "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people," and "I am a prisoner and so is my creativity," but apparently Birdman isn't ready to let Tunechi off the hook. For now he's stuck on the YMCMB label, which, along with the lackluster sales of his recent albums, makes him one of our biggest (though blingiest) losers of 2014.

8. BONO Bono had to be one very, very bummed out Irish rocker this year. After all, people were super-pissed that U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, appeared on their iTunes accounts without warning. After all, those things are pretty much impossible to remove from your library.

But then, adding insult to hated-album injury, he wrecked his bike in New York's Central Park when trying to avoid another rider, causing a "high energy bicycle accident." Multiple X-rays and CAT scans and five freaking hours of surgery were required for his injuries, which included a facial fracture to the orbit of his eye, three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade, and an especially disgusting fracture of his left humerus bone that shattered in six different places and tore through his skin. Ouch.

7. MARIAH CAREY Remember when Mariah was going back with ODB like babies with pacifiers? Well, now she's just kinda going in circles, it seems. But it's not all her fault; there's a good chance that whole divorce from what's-his-name may have had something to do with it. It's probably pretty embarrassing for the songbird that she married Nick Cannon in the first place, and now he's on some publicity tour where he's alluding to the idea that he's sleeping with Wiz Khalifa's ex-wife, Amber, which has got to be adding insult to injury.

Plus she's had some pretty terrible performances lately, like a very off-key Christmas show at Rockefeller Center and another at the Beacon Theater, where she not only lost her mike pack, but lost a shoe and cried during "Hero" -- the song Cannon once said he uh, pleasured himself to when she was gone. (Ew.) After the year she's had, we'd probably cry too...poor Mariah.

6. BLAKE SHELTON Is Blake Shelton ever not having a bad year? It's almost like the dude could live on this list. He's like a walking new-country mess, despite that sweet Voice gig he's got going on. His latest album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, completely freakin' tanked -- only selling only a little more than 200,000 copies -- which is an impressive(ly bad) accomplishment for someone whose name is at a household level now.

5. MADONNA Madonna has never been that much of a graceful loser, but she was especially not graceful earlier this week when her new album got leaked. Sucks, right? Well, what sucks worse is that she compared it to "artistic rape." Yeah.

"This is artistic rape!! These are early leaked demos, half of which won't even make it on my album," Madonna wrote Wednesday in a now-deleted Instagram post. "The other half have changed and evolved...This is a form of terrorism. Wtf!!!! Why do people want to destroy artistic process??? Why steal? Why not give me the opportunity to finish and give you my very best?"

The comparison to violent sexual crimes seems like a bit of an overreaction, but perhaps Madonna is still smarting from the fact that last year she was one of the world's highest-paid musicians, and this year she fell off that list altogether. Her nemesis Lady Gaga is still on there, though.

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4. MARILYN MANSON This dude has had a crappy year that may or may not have been his own fault. Earlier this month, footage of what was reported to be a clip cut from one of Manson's videos appeared online and caused a shitstorm of controversy. Featuring a simulated rape scene depicting Manson's then-girlfriend Lana del Rey being raped by Hostel director Eli Roth, the clip supposedly came from a music video Manson had made with Roth in 2012. The would-be Antichrist Superstar, however, denied those rumors.

"It wasn't a Marilyn Manson video," he told NME in an interview. "The editor of the company that put it out was somebody who's edited my videos, that video was something that was done with a camera that Eli (Roth, director), who's my friend, and I both wanted to test out, so I let him test it out...what they filmed was put in context seemingly as if it were a Marilyn Manson video, and that was in no way the intention."

But the controversy continued, and he said a couple more things about the issue that were confusing, like the fact that "no one was meant to see the footage," which makes his involvement a little more suspect. Still, whether he had something to do with it or not, any association to a leaked simulated-rape scene makes for a bad year,

3. CEE-LO GREEN In late 2013, Cee-Lo was accused of being a super-creepy rapist by a woman who claimed the singer and Voice judge slipped her ecstasy without her consent during a dinner in Los Angeles. She said she woke up next to Green in bed with no recollection of what happened.

Green, on the other hand, argued that the two had had "consensual relations." He ended up pleading no contest to ecstasy possession in relation to the case, but prosecutors declined to file charges due to a lack of evidence. In September Cee-Lo was sentenced to three years' probation and 45 days of community service, and then said this on Twitter:

When someone brakes on a home there is broken glass...Where is your plausible proof anyone was raped?

And also this:

Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!! If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent.

Between those tweets and those accusations, Cee-Lo is definitely one of 2014's biggest losers.

2. SCOTT STAPP Sometime Creed front man Scott Stapp appears to have slowly been losing his shit in 2014. His wife filed for divorce, and a series of strange, paranoid videos and very public meltdowns followed. Stapp has now said the "heart of ISIS is in his own family," and has claimed he is broke and living out of his truck because the government froze his accounts.

He also called the police in Florida in November to tell them he was being chased by a group of people who wanted him dead. When asked the identity of the people chasing him, Stapp said, "I don't know...I've been running for about six or seven weeks. I'm trying to keep them away from my family."

He also apparently called his son Jagger's school to talk to him, and told the school it was a matter of urgency, because "People in Florida are at risk. I've uncovered the core of ISIS is within my own family. Please call me immediately. This is not a joke."

The audio of all of those calls have leaked, but it's not like videos of Stapp's descent into whatever's going on weren't already readily available online -- he's been posting them himself for his fans. We're not sure what's going on with the dude, but it's obviously something not good at all. And seriously, we have our fingers crossed that he gets the help he needs, whatever it is, cause this is bottom-of-the-barrel behavior.

1. ROBIN THICKE My, how the mighty have fallen. It wasn't too long ago that Thicke was being hailed as the next best thing, despite his slightly rapey song about how he knew you want it. (Come on, guuuurl..."you know you want" it has never worked, ever, but anyway.)

Last year, Thicke earned three Grammy nominations for Blurred Lines, and the title track went platinum six times over. This year, though, we got Paula, a super-shitty album written to try and get Thicke's wife Paula back after she left his ass. But Paula the album only sold a whopping 24,000 copies the first week, a downright abysmal total.

Thicke's wife, actress Paula Patton, officially filed for divorce on October 3, citing "irreconcilable differences." She then promptly moved her new boyfriend, Zak Waters, into her Calabasas house, and Robin Thicke threw himself a very pathetic divorce party in response. Sounds like the worst year ever.

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