Music's Biggest Douchebags: 2012 Edition

The music world is bound to have a lot of douchebags. It's just an inevitability, considering that it's essentially a profession for man-children. Peter Pan syndrome? No problem in the music business. That's why you see so many rock stars going through growing pains sometime in their mid-forties. Remember Metallica: Some Kind of Monster?

Most musicians aren't very well-behaved, but some can control themselves a little bit better than others. The worst, though, can ruin their own lives and the lives of everyone around them, all while publicly making fools of themselves.

In the words of legendary douchebag Kanye West, this is a chance for us to give a toast to the douchebags of 2012 who made the jobs of music journalists way, way easier.

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Corey Deiterman