Music's Five Most Notorious Killers, Besides The Band

On St. Patrick's Day 1985, serial killer Richard Ramirez (right) murdered two women in Los Angeles, beginning a killing spree that would eventually tally over 14 people and leave him with the nickname "The Night Stalker." From a young age, Ramirez was fascinated and inspired by the occult and Satanism in music, and was a huge fan of heavy metal and AC/DC.

Before you get any ideas that Rocks Off drawing comparisons between music and serial murder, we should also point out that Ramirez also suffered a severe brain injury when he was two, huffed glue, and spent time with his Special Forces uncle, who showed him pictures of Vietnamese women he claimed to have raped and murdered, and who murdered his wife two feet from Ramirez.

It's not Angus Young's fault, is what we're getting at.

Still, it is undeniable that songs have created some notorious murderers - they just tend to stay within the boundaries of their albums. In that spirit, we present five of the most notorious killers in music history.

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