Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths

Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths

Rocks Off went to the dentist this morning for the first time in... well, a long time. The importance of taking care of your choppers is thus fresh in our minds - especially since we have to go back tomorrow, this time to a "specialist." So... yeah. This would probably be a good time to mention that Smile Programs and MusiCares, the arm of the Grammys that administers medical and other kinds of assistance, are sponsoring a dental clinic Thursday at SugarHill Studios. The requirements are no insurance and either proof of employment in the music industry for at least five years or documented credit on six commercially released recordings or videos (including singles).

Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths

Do that and the dental screenings, X-rays and teeth cleaning are free of charge, but you do need an appointment. Call MusiCares - now - at 877-626-2748 or email for more information. Don't be like us. Take care of your mouths, people. We hear it helps with the ladies (or dudes, if that's your bag). They may not necessarily be the only teeth you'll ever have, but dental work ain't cheap, and Rocks Off is sure you'd rather be spending that money on booze, drugs, clothes, firearms, cars, new gear, or about a thousand other things. Rocks Off isn't trying to scare you, but we put together a gallery of some of music's most messed-up grills - many of which have since been repaired or replaced - after the jump. We just hope you had an early lunch. Oh, and for the record, we are aware there are a lot of Brits in here. Rocks Off is certainly not trying to perpetuate any stereotypes, and we looked for Yanks - really, we did. At least we spared you Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. As for Paul Wall, certain members of our staff rag on him enough already.

Come on... how could we not start with Shane? It gets worse - trust us.

According to the cheeky blog Oh No They Didn't (or ohnotheydidnt), Radiohead's 1995 album The Bends "was actually named after Thom Yorke's mangled mouth."

The Idolator entry where we found this picture was headlined "Brush Your Teeth Right Now."

Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths
Screen capture from the film Rude Boy

"I just couldn't be bothered to clean them," the late Clash founder told Punk Magazine's Judy McGuire. "I know it's sort of a gift from God, you get some teeth. I just couldn't be - cost me money to put teeth in my mouth."

Finally, an American. Dirty's subliminal message: Proper dental hygiene is for the children!

Elvis Costello

Eh, we've seen worse, but still enough to suggest there was a little wishful thinking behind Declan naming his most famous band the Attractions.

Unknown Hinson

If you're only going to have two teeth in your mouth, Rocks Off guesses those are the ones you want.

Keith Richards
Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths

Huh. Not too bad, but from this recent picture it's obvious Keef knows a bridge is more than just the middle of a song.

Ozzy Osbourne

OK, those can't possibly be real. Can they? Rocks Off has one more for you. But you might want to think twice before clicking. Or consider checking the last time you went to the dentist.

Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays)

Well, we warned you. That MusiCares number again is 877-626-2748.


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