Year in Review

Music's Top Five Hottest Trends For 2011

Every year-end Rocks Off prognosticates the likeliest trends in music for the upcoming year. So far, we've got a 100 percent success rate, although since the FBI made us take down all of our previous predictions, we have no way to prove it.

So you'll just have to copy and paste these predictions and save them on your own computer, and come next December 30, you can bear witness to our flawless prophesying.

5. Auto-Tuned Vocoder

As music grows more and more computer-generated, actual human voices will become more and more out of place. The previous solution, Auto-tune, is rapidly becoming stale in the minds of flash-in-the-pan pop audiences. So to put a fresh spin on it, Kanye West puts a previously unreleased My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy B-side, which features him experimenting with Auto-tuned vocoder like a modern-day Zapp, on his Web site. Once Kanye has done it, everyone else is doing it within three months.

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