Muxtape #3: Freaky Friday Edition

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So I tore down the greatest hits of H-Town rock Muxtape this morning and scoured the weirdest and wildest corners of my Mp3 library for some oddities I hope will shock and awe you. Link and track listing after the jump.


1. "Scranton Town," by the Gene Dempsey Orchestra. This one's for all you Office fanatics.

2. "Eruption" on a banjo. 'Nuff said.

3. "Ghost Castle" by Maya Bond. This delightfully morbid tyke was written eventually written up in Gorilla vs Bear and Newsweek, but you read about her in these pages years before that. (And I was hipped to her by KTRU's children's show.)

4. "We Got It Going On," Lucas Prata. A much, much better title for this song would be "The Love Call of the Douchebags." Play it and you and your bros will be givin' each other the respeck knuckles in no time flat. Make sure your collar is popped and your supply of Red Bull and vodka is well-stocked -- your cubicle is about to be transformed into an ultra-lounge.

5. "One Love," Mitch Mac. Say what you will about this street poet, but his rhyme scheme is nothing if not consistent.

6. "Theme for Five Fingers of Death," Bunny Sigler. From the days when kung-fu ruled the eastern ghettos, the fertile loam that eventually sprouted the almighty Wu-Tang Clan.

7. "Hoogie Boogie Land," Complete. North Texas's finest trailer park Black Sabbath disciples.

8. "The Acid Family," The Evolution Control Committee. A creatively edited Focus on the Family cassette on how to have a faith-based vacation winds up where the pyramid meets the eye.

9. "What About How I Feel?," J. Paul Jr and the Zydeco Newbreeds. Ever wonder what Wham would sound like done zydeco-style? Bear with this song for a few minutes and find out.

10. "The Mighty Hamburger," The Evolution Control Committee. More mesmerizing madness from Ohio's finest tape-deck manipulators.

11. "One Good Turn Deserves Another," St. Regis. A studio beef recorded by producer Al Kooper, this audio nightmare proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that you should never, ever join a band fronted by twin brothers.

12. "Bush Speech," Drywall. Stan Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo recorded this State of the Union address through a truth wormhole that broadcast what Dubya was thinking instead of what he was saying.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.