My Earlier, Horrible Band

After my displacment during Hurricane Ike, I found a CD with a demo from my pre-Black Math Experiment band, Hixon, which managed to survive when so much of my BME memorabilia was destroyed. This band was rightfully and thankfully ignored by all of you, and eventually I was kicked out for "holding them back."

I have a lot more self-esteem than I used to, so I decided to post it on the BME MySpace as a lesson in humility to myself. I thought you guys might get a kick out of how bad I used to suck. The song is "Don't Fade Away," and I'm sorry. - Jef With One F

[Ed. Note: This originally came over as an email from Jef. A little raw, but Rocks Off can discern a whiff or two of the Soft Boys in there, so it's not totally awful.]

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