My Girl Gave Me an STD. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

My girl gave me an STD, and tried to act as though I must’ve gotten it from somewhere else. She claimed to not have it, but won’t go to the doctor with me to get tested. The last time I had sex with another girl was over eight months ago just before we started dating, so I know she’s lying.

I just want her to go to the clinic with me and remove all doubt. It’s been two days since I told her, and went to the doctor. I’m not sure if she snuck off to do the same. If she did I just need to know the truth, but she is acting like I’m the bad guy. Help me straighten this out, please!

Getting Tested:

If you stay with someone who you suspect of infecting you with a sexually transmitted disease, and they refuse to get tested, you have to ask yourself why are you still there. She’s probably embarrassed, but it’s better to be embarrassed than dead.

I know if my girl gave me an STD, I’d give her something back — the rest of her life without me.


Dear Willie D:

My kids’ father and I live together but we’re not married, and we don’t have sex. We argue all the time about money and the kids. When we’re not arguing we don’t speak to each other. When I see him in the living room or the kitchen, I go into another part of the house, and he does the same.

It’s like we’re just together to not be apart. I love him as a person, but I don’t want him as a lover anymore. But I’m conflicted because I don’t want my kids to be fatherless. This is eating at my heart, but I need to move on. How should I go about telling him?

Conflicted Heart:

First of all, as long as your kids’ father is involved in their life they won’t be fatherless. It’s good to know that the burden of a bad relationship hasn’t hardened your heart. Too often when a relationship runs its course we become bitter, cold, and cruel to the people we once loved, and it’s that type of mentality that generally causes more intense reactions.

Just go to him and say, “I love you, but I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.” Staying together for the kids is noble, but subjecting them to a household devoid of love is cruel and unusual punishment.


Dear Willie D:

I grew up in a household that’s very religious. My parents and I are Christian, but all my friends practice Islam. I like Islam more because of its historical context and discipline. I want to switch religions, but I don’t know how to break the news to my parents. I’m a 22-year-old man, and I have no reference for this. I need a way to convince them.

Guess My Religion:

Oh man! Oh man, oh man! [in my Drake voice]. That’s a biggie. If you want to convert to Islam from Christianity, and you feel the need to let your parents know, simply explain to them that is what you desire to do; or better yet, switch and let them find out later.

In the end, it is your soul at stake, and only you will be held accountable for your actions when you go before your maker.


Dear Willie D:

Let me start off by saying that my neighbor’s girlfriend is sweet and kind to everyone in our apartment complex. So it baffles me as to how she ended up with such a mean-spirited man. Her boyfriend is cruel to his pit bull. He beats and curses him every day.

Once the dog tipped over the flower pot on his balcony and he punched him with a closed fist in his side, and broke his ribs. Another time he kicked it down the stairs. I want to report him, but I don’t want to start trouble. I just renewed my lease, and will have to see him for at least another six months.

Aside from notifying SPCA, is there some other action I can take to save the dog without exposing myself to potential harm from his owner?


Not too long ago I wouldn’t have cared what happened to a dog considering how human beings are treated cruel by other human beings while many animal lovers turn a blind eye. But then my daughter’s dog died, and I swear it was like a death in the family.

If it bothers you that much call SPCA, and tell them what happened. Then knock on his doors, and hand him the phone after he answers. Then hit him over the head with a flower pot, and kick him down the stairs so he can know how it feels. A little extreme, yeah, but sometime you just have to let a mofo know.

Ask Willie D anything at willied.com/ask-willie-d, and come back next Thursday for more of his best answers.

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