My Husband Wears My Panties. Help!

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Welcome to Ask Willie D, Rocks Off's advice column where the Geto Boys MC answers reader questions about matters, in his own words, "funny, serious or unpredictable." Something on your mind? Ask Willie D!


Dear Willie D:

I met a guy who is four years older than me; I'm 15. He listens to me and cares about what I think. He is very caring, and I know he's not just messing with my head because I'm young. After three months of seeing him, we had sex.

Even though we used protection, I was worried the whole time. But other than that, the experience was great and he was so caring and gentle. Because it was a special moment for me I wanted to tell someone about what I was feeling; so I told my younger sister, who is 13. Well, ever since then, she has been blackmailing me by making me let her wear my clothes and do stuff for her.

I am fed up with her, but when I tell her no she threatens to tell our parents. My parents are strict and will punish me and probably try to lock my boyfriend up for having sex with a minor when they find out his real age. Please help me get out of this situation.

Blackmailed Sibling:

Well you could come clean with your parents and beat your little sister to the punch before she rats you out, or you could lie and say it never happened. If you tell the truth you might expose your boyfriend to criminal charges. If you lie, it's your word against hers and he may still get exposed if your parents are adamant about uncovering the truth and punishing your boyfriend for being intimate with and taking advantage of their "little girl."

Assuming you really care about your boyfriend, you need to break up with him for his own good. It won't be easy, but the law don't play games when it comes to underage sex. Your boyfriend could go to jail, end up on a sex-offender registry, and have his whole life ruined. If you stop seeing him for, say, a couple of months and he's long gone while you continue to play the blackmail game with your sister, then one day she decides to snitch, let her. The consequences aren't likely to be as severe if you haven't had contact with him for a while.

If you were my 15-year-old daughter and you were seeing a 19-year old man I would want to rip his head off and have him thrown in jail, but more than anything I would want him away from you. I'm sure your parents would agree.


Dear Willie D:

I troll the Internet, but not in the traditional sense of the word. I troll to blow off steam, not really to piss people off. My favorite part of trolling is when I come across a subject on a forum where people are being all serious, and I'll say something funny just to ease the tension.

People are too serious these days. It's like they can't take a joke, so I force them to. What's hilarious is that no matter how upset they get with me they can't see me or touch me, and they don't know who I am because I always post anonymously. I guess I do it because I'm bored a lot. I used to troll a celebrity, but after she blocked me the fifth time I stopped making up new email addresses. I could tell I was getting under her skin, but she never replied to me directly.

You are an opinionated person with a high profile, so I'm sure you get trolled a lot. What is the weirdest thing a troll ever said to you?

Internet Troll:

Really? Please go to the nearest sperm bank and get a life.

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Dear Willie D:

I was shocked the first time I saw my husband wearing panties, but once I got used to it I started to enjoy the fantasy of him wearing lace panties. We always get a kick out of him shopping in the lingerie store when the sales lady asks him, "What size is your wife?" because most of the time he's shopping for himself.

At the moment he has a lot going on so we haven't had much sex lately, but I'm counting down to getting back to the action. Some people are still hung up on men wearing panties. But if women can wear men's underwear it shouldn't be a problem with men wearing women's underwear, right?

Wearing Panties:

Wrong! Women also wear men shirts, sneakers and socks. But they're women, and women can get away with doing things that men can't; just as men can get away with doing things that women can't. I know this is the 21st century where anything goes, all the rules are broken, and nothing is sacred.

But there's two things in the world I'm never going to be cool with: Charlie Brown not having his own national holiday, and men wearing panties.


Dear Willie D:

After hearing both sides of the argument in various forms, I don't know what the truth is in the Michael Brown case. I don't agree with people vandalizing other people's property no matter what their race is or how dire the situation is. But I'm a white man living in America, so I can't say I can relate to what black people are feeling.

The truth is my skin color affords me more latitude when dealing with policemen. If I wanted to, I could get away with saying and doing certain things when encountered by members of law enforcement that might get a black person killed. I know that, and any white person living in America would be less than honest to say anything different.

I don't know how black people in Ferguson or anywhere else feel. But black people don't know how I feel either. Not all white people are bad, and not all cops are racists. I hate that every time it looks like we're making advancements in race relations tragic events like the O.J. Simpson or Michael Brown case rip our nation apart down racial lines. I am sick and tired of this racism s---! When does it stop, and why can't we as Americans ban together to defeat it?

Both Sides:

Racism is one of the primary tools the elitist use to control the masses. They figure as long as we're at the bottom of the barrel fighting amongst ourselves for scraps we can never peep over the rim to see how they're f---ing us all.

Racism exists for the same reason sexism does. Racists feel they will lose power if they share it with other people. Men feel they will lose power if they share it with women.


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Ask Willie D anything at askwillied.com, and come back next Thursday for more of his best answers.


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