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My Man Brags on His Ex Too Much

My Man Brags on His Ex Too Much
Jeff Fitlow

Dear Willie D:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year, and he makes me feel unworthy whenever he raves about his ex-girlfriend. He talks about how well she cooks, cleans and organizes and how intelligent she is. I try not to say anything because I don’t want to come off as the jealous type.

He loved her, I get it. But why keep comparing?

Brushed Off:

It’s possible that your boyfriend has no idea that bragging on his ex-girlfriend is an issue. So, tell him how you feel, and the next time he brags on his ex, brag on your ex. Tell him, “Well, Ray Ray couldn’t cook or clean, and he was a terrible organizer, but he had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!”


Dear Willie D:

You responded to a guy who asked you if his girlfriend was a slut after discovering she slept with more than 30 dudes. You said you didn’t know if she was or wasn’t. The chick gave up the box to nearly three dozen dudes; of course she’s a slut.

My motto is, if the height of the bodies she’s slept with stacks up higher than her standing height, she’s a slut. Why try to pacify the man instead of telling him the truth about his slutty girlfriend? Let him move on and find a decent woman.

Being Honest:

The number alone does not make a woman a slut. It’s how she currently lives her life and approaches relationships, love and sex. Does she treat you right? Is she kind? Is she generous? Does she not cause you drama? That’s what’s most important to me. Anything else can be negotiated.


Dear Willie D:

My financial situation was rough for 13 months after I got injured on my job. Knowing my situation, one of my friends who is well off never offered to help out. I eventually broke down, swallowed my pride and asked her to loan me $4,000. Although she gave me the money, I felt like she wanted me to beg because that’s the type of person she is.

She likes to brag to people about who she helped. She wants everybody to know she got it. Of course, she told all our friends that she loaned money. Since she wanted to tell my business, I thought I would give her something to tell. I received my settlement payment a month ago, and decided to splurge on myself a bit.

I bought a new car, designer clothes and tickets for a cruise that I’m going on with my sister and mother in March. I made sure to post pictures of everything on Instagram so she could see them. Now she’s mad that I’m spending all this money but haven’t paid her.

To be honest, I don’t intend on paying her back. But she’s the type to sue over anything. How do I keep that from happening without paying her?

Big Payback:

You don’t. Regardless of what type of person she is, you didn’t hate her enough not to accept her money. The way you broke down, swallowed your pride and asked for your friend’s money is the same way you need to break down, swallow your pride and pay her back. Do it not to avoid being sued, but on principle, and to keep your good name intact. Then if you want to cut her off, it is what it is.


Dear Willie D:

This is very embarrassing. I recently discovered that my younger adult sister has been transferring money from my mother’s account to hers in increments of $400-$1,800 every week over the past two years. My mom is elderly and relies on me and my sister to help her make important life decisions.

My sister handles most of her finances. She set up her online banking, so she has her login information, which gives her total access to our mom’s money. My mom isn’t rich. She worked hard for every dime, and the money my sister stole was supposed to last her for the rest of her life.

Now she will have to seek government assistance, or one of us will have to care for her financially. I am a female working check to check with three young kids, so there’s only so much I can do to help. I want to call the cops, but doing so will devastate my mom and land my sister in jail. What should I do?

Very Embarrassing:

Talk to your sister, and give her a chance to pay the money back within a specified time. If she fails to comply, ask yourself, “If I file charges, will things improve or become worse?”

Your answer will guide your decision.

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