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My Man Is Hot But His Attitude Sucks. Help!


Dear Willie D:

My boyfriend is a sweetheart when he wants to be, but more often than not he is rude and condescending. It’s like he knows he’s fine so he doesn’t have to be nice to people. He once told me I’m not the prettiest girl he’s dated and that I could be replaced. How can I get him to change his ways?

Replaceable Girlfriend:

Your boyfriend doesn’t sound like a good person, and you sound like you’re making excuses for him. The guy is rude, and he treats you bad because he thinks he’s better than you. He’s already emotionally abusing you. It probably won’t be long before things get physical.

You don’t have the power to make a grown man change his ways. Walk away while you still can without assistance. Everybody deserves to be in a relationship where they’re treated with common decency and respect — even if they don’t realize it themselves.


Dear Willie D:

I had a wreck and my truck was towed to a salvage facility that also fixes vehicles. I’m a female so of course he took advantage of the situation. Because I went straight to the emergency room to get checked out, I couldn’t deal with my truck issue until the next day. When I arrived at the facility with my brother I noticed they had my truck on the lift with the tires off.

When I asked the guy how much it would cost to fix it he told me he wouldn’t know until he looked at everything. The place looked shady and I had an uneasy feeling about leaving my truck there, so I told him I was going to call a wrecker to tow it to my mechanic. When I said that he flipped out and told me it would cost almost $600 to cover towing, storage fees and repairs, even though all he did was take off the tires.

I ended up calling the cops. I was forced to pay a reduced amount, but I didn’t care as long as they didn’t get the insurance money. Do you think what he did to me was illegal?

Truck Issues:

Mechanics don’t just rip off women, they rip off anybody with a vehicle. Hell, they’ll even rip off other mechanics if they think they can get away with it. My brother was in a similar situation following an auto accident.

After arriving with him at the shop and calling a friend of mine who owns a body shop, I was informed that it is standard practice for mechanic shops to charge for towing, storage and repairs even if all they did was put your car on a lift and removed the tires. I’m not sure if that’s illegal, but it’s definitely suspect.


Dear Willie D:

Okay, so my man of two months recently confided in me that he has a condition called varicocele, which means he has swollen veins in his testicles that significantly decreases his sperm count and prevents him from reproducing.

I’m 32 with no kids. I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him if he can’t have children. I really want kids the natural way. This is so unfortunate because he is a good guy, and I don’t want to leave him because of this. Please help!

Kids Wanted:

You want kids the natural way. He can’t give them to you. If you’re not willing to compromise, and take advantage of the various medical options available to you, move on. Case closed.


Dear Willie D:

In January I broke up with my girlfriend because I was bored with her. I don’t know what it is with me, but I will go out of my way to be nice to a girl, and as soon as I make her mine I don’t want anything to do with her. The girl I broke up with was pretty, smart, and nice to me. I’m 27 and own my own business, so maybe it’s a challenge thing.

I felt bad because my parents got to know her well, and like her, so naturally they were upset when I told them I broke up with her. She is torn up over the split and believes I’m seeing someone else, which is not the case. Why do I get bored with girls so fast and how do I change so that I don’t live the rest of my life this way?

Chairman of the Bored:

You get bored because you enjoy the thrill of the chase. The only way to change your behavior is to keep running.

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