Ask Willie D

My Next-Door Neighbors Are Peeping Toms. Help!

Welcome to Ask Willie D, Rocks Off's advice column where the Geto Boys MC answers reader questions about matters, in his own words, "funny, serious or unpredictable." Something on your mind? Ask Willie D!


Dear Willie D:

I have a healthy contempt for smokers who have no regard for the rest of society. If I was a smoker you would never catch me smoking cigarettes right outside of the doorway or in the direct path of nonsmokers. I mean seriously, if you want to kill yourself go right ahead, but don't take the rest of us out with you.

Smoking is hazardous to your health. As such, if a smoker causes a non-smoker to come into contact with smoke fumes they should be charged with assault, the same as any other person who causes bodily harm to an innocent person. Why do smokers have to stand right outside of doorways to smoke?

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Willie D is a member of the legendary hip hop band, the Geto Boys, the host and executive producer of the Willie D Live podcast, and an advice columnist for the Houston Press since 2013.
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