My'Key Iso Brings 3 Feet From Gold to the House of Blues

My'Key Iso brings his latest album to the live stage.
My'Key Iso brings his latest album to the live stage. Photo by Kenneth Eke
The crowd in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues pressed forward toward the stage and began to shout as everyone took out their phones and began to record. Standing on stage was My’Key Iso who smiled as he looked at the woman dancing to his left. Cheers of “Mama My’key rang through the room as she danced on stage next to her son.

“This is my mom’s first time ever coming to one of my shows!” yelled an excited My’Key as he yielded the stage, and applause, to his mother.

My’Key Iso’s 3 Feet From Gold Show was a showcase of his latest album. The work, which took three years to complete, is a display of the work and emotions that My’Key went through for one thousand and ninety-five days. The album, released on his birthday, is a display of lyrical skill paired alongside My’Key’s ear for melodies. Both were evident Saturday night as My’Key performed tracks like “Durag & Bonnet,” “The Illest”,and “To The Stars Again”, a powerful song about overcoming depression assisted by vocalist Ei8ht.

“I went to two funerals today, but it was important for me to be here,” said Ei8ht as she prepared to perform alongside My’Key. “I need all of your positive energy to get through this.”
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My'Key shows off his guitar skills, breaking out in a solo during the middle of his set.
Photo by Kenneth Eke
Ei8ht wasn’t the only one to join My’Key onstage. Peppa Don came out to assist with “All The Way” and even debuted an unreleased song “I Survive,” detailing his recovery after a car accident which left him with a broken back and ribs. For Peppa the show means more than just a showcase of My’Key’s latest album.

“My’Key and I aren’t just friends…we’re brothers,” said Peppa Don as he walked off the stage after his performance. “Watching him put this album together, execute its release, organize this show and perform is an inspiration. Being able to see all of this is just a blessing.”
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The 3 Feet From Gold rapper is joined onstage by his mother for one of the final songs.
Photo by Kenneth Eke
While songs like “All The Way” and “To The Stars Again” speak on serious and somber subjects the majority of My’Key’s show was extremely upbeat. The MC even came out at one point, guitar draped over his shoulder, and played the intro riff to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” As My’Key ended the riff his guitar player took over, completing a solo set before letting the band take over and transition back into 3 Feet From Gold.

My’Key Iso previous album, Last Name Iso, was released in 2018 so 3 Feet From Gold was eagerly awaited by his fans which was evident from the sold-out crowd and the energy they brought Saturday evening. If he continues along this path there will be more fans to come.
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