MySpaced Out: "Fuck Radiohead" and Some Twisted Tennesseeans

MySpace is a great place for discovering off-the-wall tunes and performers. Here are three wack jobs from cyberspace that hail from that weird place that Captain Beefheart found so easily and in so many forms. The Russian Sextoys: For every Radiohead fan, there's someone like this French trio who'd like to see the pretentious, self-absorbed hipsters loaded into a capsule and fired into deep space. Like the old Budweiser commercial, "Fuck Radiohead" is for you, and is loaded to the gills with sarcasm and irony.

Fugitive Glue: Read closely on this Nashville group's MySpace page and you see these guys aren't the amateur doofuses they've tried to make "Everybody Sucks But Us" sound like. Besides being Kenny Chesney's keyboard whupper, Mike Webb produces beaucoup cool records (Scott Miller, Mark Germino); Craig Wright played drums on all of Steve Earle's early career-making records; Rick Plant is a regular in Buddy Miller's road band; and guitarist Eliot Houser has played on and produced hundreds of records you probably never heard of but should have.

Todd Steed and the Sons of Phere: Going all the way back to when his band Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes got a mention on the same Rolling Stone page as a budding Madonna for his caustic "Ethiopian Jokes," Knoxville, Tenn., born and raised Todd Steed has steered his own maverick course away from anything even remotely commercial. The brutally frank "Chapman Highway Motor Inn," told from the eyes of a guy living in a Nashville flophouse, cuts straight to rotten heart of the American dream with R.B Morris's spoken-word nightmare vision backed by Steed's Spyra Gyra guitar.

Remember, there are no perfect teeth in this universe.

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