Naked Rock Band = Parenting WIN (Semi-SFW)

You know, as a person who spent ten years performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rocks Off never thought he'd live to say this, but, "Put bloody some clothes on!" It's daytime, and your kids are watching. They're dressed! Do you know how hard it is to keep clothes on a 6-year-old?

Maybe nudity within the family home is natural and healthy, maybe not. They don't pay us psychoanalyst rates at this gig, so we'll refrain from Freuding on the subject. However - there's always a however - she's sitting on the damn coffee table, naked, performing a physical activity. Are you trying to make the coasters stick to the table or just give that cushion a more personal smell?

The Guitar Hero and Rock Band series of video games have brought a lot of families together for game nights, and that's a beautiful thing. And the girl in the video is pretty pleasant to look at. But Rocks Off dares you to find a single person not wearing a straitjacket who can recall a pleasant experience with a naked parent.

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Note: This article was written naked.

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