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Narrow Head Returns With Killer New Track

Narrow Head brings heat with new single, "Bulma."
Narrow Head brings heat with new single, "Bulma." Photo by Seth Gilmore
Twenty years ago there was a time when fuzz infused rock seemed to be everywhere, and you couldn't really escape it. In today's crowded music climate, the bands that are making distorted guitar rock are few and far between, but the ones who are making it are doing it better than many who came before them. Two years ago, Houston's Narrow Head dropped their debut album Satisfaction, and it definitely caught plenty of people's attention. This year, ahead of a tour of the West coast, the trio is back stronger than ever with new track "Bulma." The song should immediately remind you of loud rock albums from long ago without really lifting from anyone, and get your heart racing in the process.

Opening with a murky bass line and smattering guitars, the song should take any fan of bands like Hum or Helmet back to the days when those bands ruled the airwaves. The stride of the song is paced in a way that it never loses your attention, while the vocals seem to almost ghostly appear atop it all. Add to that the heavy drums and the song should be one that you won't soon forget. If this is what's to come from the band's yet to be named upcoming album, it's certainly welcomed.

You can stream the song in the above link, or in all of the usual places. Narrow Head will be on tour with Bugg on the West coast for the rest of January. You can catch them in person at White Oak Music Hall on March 12. The all ages show will also have performances from Deep Cuts and Tee Vee.
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