"NASA" Does LMFAO: Oh, No...

It's Friday afternoon, and you could either use a good laugh or else you just don't care anymore. Either way, do we have something for you.

Riding high on the wave of good PR and general swag of the unmanned spacecraft Curiosity's successful landing and ongoing exploration of Mars (yes, fucking Mars), the good folks at NASA have decided the best way to celebrate is to create a parody of the LMFAO song "I'm Sexy and I Know It."

Or some pranksters who are really into NASA and have entirely too much time on their hands made the video. That's probably more like it.

Among the things to look for:

  • A guy in a fauxhawk who couldn't possibly be old enough to work at Mission Control (or could he?)
  • A woman in an American-flag bikini and helmet made to look like Curiosity's camera/laser "head"
  • Late astronomer Carl Sagan's face projected onto the Red Planet
  • Freaky-fly dance moves, including break-dancing, by NASA employees (sorry, "employees") in astronaut garb and baby-blue golf shirts
  • Actual footage from NASA's 11-minute animated simulation of the Curiosity mission, which is pretty badass and which you can see here
  • The lyric "We're better than SpaceX and we ain't afraid to show it"

The video is below. You've earned it. Here's "I'm Sexy and I Know It," for comparison's sake.

Have a lovely weekend.

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