Nedelle, with Fred Thomas

Remember when Kill Rock Stars was the label of rage? The riot grrrl movement found a fitting home there in the Pacific Northwest, and bands like Bikini Kill helped KRS become one of the best labels in the American underground. Over time, the label grew in both size and scope, branching out into both electronica and artists like indie folksters Nedelle -- who skillfully navigates the treacherous boundary between high-concept art and pop accessibility and even throw in a tinge of Motown soul to boot. It may not be the angry grrrl stuff of KRS's past, but you gotta grow or you gotta go.

Way up north, in the hinterlands of Detroit and Ann Arbor, there's a band named Saturday Looks Good to Me. While this rotating cast of characters has gotten a fair amount of media attention nationally, in their homeland they're minor stars, hosts to packed shows and the subject of rave reviews. At the center of this intoxicating blend of '60s-style pop, gentle psychedelia and lo-fi goodness is Fred Thomas, a master of melody who mixes sadness and bliss without ever sounding maudlin or forced, and while this solo show should be more low-key than his Michigan blowouts, don't expect him to serve up a sadcore bummer of an evening.

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Chris True