Neil Diamond Turns On His Heart Light For H-Town (Again)

When Neil Diamond hit Houston last October, he told us in the crowd that the proceeds from that night's merchandise sales were going into a Hurricane Ike relief fund. He had traveled around our area with Mayor Bill White and seen the destruction and utter insanity that the hurricane had brought us, and he felt compelled to help out.

Diamond spoke that night of seeing people devastated and living in trailers and cars due to all the damage, especially out off Oak Island. Those folks haven't been able to get back on their feet as easy as the rest of Houston. He sounded like he was deeply moved by the tragedy and did make good on his promise of giving back to us that night, even going so far as matching the merch sales with an amount out of his pocket. That night he ended up donating almost 200 grand to Houston relief.

What we didn't realize at the time was that he intended to do this for every other tour date afterwards, totaling almost 30 more dates on his itinerary, going into 2009. So every show he has rocked since then, and we do mean rock, has been helping our fellow Houstonians through T-shirt and record sales.

His charitable actions haven't gone unnoticed; on February 6, Diamond will receive the 2009 MusiCares Person of The Year Award from the MusiCares Foundation and The Recording Academy, who put on the annual Grammy Awards.

So let's get this straight: Not only did Neil Diamond put on a ridiculously amazing show that night, kicking ass at the tender age of 67, but he also stands to donate millions to help out our hurricane-ravaged neighbors?

Can't we do something to help him? Like mow his lawn, or wash his tour bus? We smell a tribute show, guys.

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