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Nerd Alert: Trailer for "The Beatles: Rock Band" Debuts

After almost two years of programming and tinkering, the developers of the Beatles edition of the "Rock Band" videogame have released a trailer for the game in advance of its release in the fall.

The visuals in the trailer are faithful to the boys from Liverpool, down to every detail. We were astonished at how close the designers got the avatars to look like the actual Fab Four. The game chronicles the band as it crawls out of obscurity in the Cavern Club, changes the world on the Ed Sullivan Show, gets trippy in the late '60s, and finally closes out with the band on top of the Apple building in 1969. Throughout you will hear snippets rarely heard from in-studio recording sessions, adding to the game's already heavy nerd cachet.

Pi Studios, a Houston-run videogame production shop, is actually developing the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 components for "The Beatles: Rock Band", set to hit stores on September 9. The production house has helped produce many of the "Call of Duty" games, but it seems its main job is to produce expansion packs for the extremely popular "Rock Band" series, such as November's AC/DC edition.

Also, the Beatles tracks have been remixed and remastered for use in the game, adding stunning depth to the original recordings. On the same day of the game's worldwide release, the band's back catalog will be re-released on compact disc in deluxe packaging, mimicking the vintage vinyl editions, along with new mixes and remastering. The new editions will replace the shoddy 1987-era releases that have bothered purists for years because of their sub-par sound quality.

We can't wait to drunkenly destroy all 45 Beatles songs that will be included on this game. Quite frankly, we have never touched "Rock Band" sober, although we have pulled our hung-over bodies off the plastic drum kit in the morning.

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Craig Hlavaty
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