Never Let Goat: "Manimals" Git Down in New Hell City Kings Video

Today, Houston's Hell City Kings officially premiere their new clip for "Never Let Go". The music video was directed by director Bryan Forrester, who previously helmed the listenlisten clip for "On The Water" from last year's Hymns From Rhodesia.

Rocks Off was an extra on the set for the filming of the party scenes for "Never Let Go" which took place on Super Bowl Sunday at the home of American Heist's Tim Blackout. All of us extras spent a good two and half hours lounging around drinking Lone Stars in animal masks for the video. You may just be able to see Rocks Off's arm halfway through the video. We would say we were the guy with tattoos, but that doesn't quite narrow it down.

Check out the video after the jump...

HELL CITY KINGS "Never Let Go" (OFFICIAL) from Bryan is very Random on Vimeo.

Forrester spent a good six months working on the effects for the video, which was also shot in locations around Montrose, including the crazy-ass Tim & Eric effects shots that were laid down at Rudyard's a few days before the party shoot. Fire and unicorns: a winning combination.

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