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Never Mind SXSW, Says Promoting Machine Eric Dean

To say that Eric Dean is having a busy week is putting it mildly. Such is the life of a promoter, especially with the influx of touring artists that hit Houston in March due to SXSW.

Dean's calendar is packed with music at the moment, including a free punk show at Mango's tonight as well as assisting with the Crème De La Crème shindig at House of Blues, which is free with RSVP. Monday, Young Empires headlines another free show at Mango's.

On top of that, Dean is fueling his penchant for large shows like the sprawling Main Street Block Party that was a big hit in January by involving himself in more. There's "The Future In Stereo" at Stereo Live Thursday, and he also collaborated with Jason Smith to put together the Spring Forward Music Festival at Groundhall Saturday.

Then comes the Japanther show on Wednesday, which has spiraled into a three-stage event at Mango's and AvantGarden. "That turned into like a mini block party, which is crazy," says Dean.

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Marc Brubaker
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