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New Featherface LP Conjures Some Actual Magic

It's been more than two years since Houston's Featherface has released a new record, though that doesn't mean that they were short on actively contributing to the local scene.

Since the release of their last EP, It Comes Electric, they've performed many shows and have been steadily growing in popularity. Before performing at Free Press Summer Fest, their new record Actual Magic will be released tonight at Fitzgerald's, where they will be providing access to a free digital download of their new album.

Based on their last album, Featherface's woozy, textured sound set itself apart with its lush energy and catchy hooks. They're a call to psychedelia with a modern twist, their live shows further so.

They say that Actual Magic is going to be more psych-rock and more clearly showing their influences, with their live shows equally delivering that.

I sat down with Featherface to talk about their music and dreams of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, amongst other things.

Rocks Off: So how did you guys meet?

Kenny Hopkins (guitar, vocals): I guess we all know each other since junior high. Eighth grade, actually, is when we started playing in various bands with each other, and just never stopped doing that.

RO: Who were your favorite bands growing up, and how would you say that influences your style today?

KH: Hm. We were kind of talking about that yesterday. Um, I think Led Zeppelin is a big, big thing for us, making us want to be in a rock band, you know? (laughs) The aura of like a really cool rock band. And then I'd say the Beatles. Makes sense in general.

RO: What has been your favorite gig so far?

KH: I'm going to say the Main Street Block Party. We played the Continental Club, and it was just really fun. It was a really good crowd and it sounded good. Yeah, that's been the highlight for me so far.

RO: How did you guys come up with your band name?

Steven Wells (keyboards, vocals, guitar): It doesn't really have a meaning. We try to kind of give it meaning, but it really doesn't. It's kind of just a feel. I don't know because our name just kind of came out with the feel of our music.

I really have no explanation for it, honestly. We tried to give it meaning in the past, but... really, that meaning was empty. It just sounds good.

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