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New Matador Signee Steve Gunn Is Finally Having a Moment

After recording and releasing albums for over 8 years of serene, picturesque indie rock, Steve Gunn is finally having his moment. The Brooklyn musician originally from Philadelphia, who kickstarted his current tour in Marfa this past weekend, is playing Walter's Thursday night, mere weeks after signing to indie stalwarts Matador Records to release his next album. His profile is on the rise after a warm reception to his stellar album from 2014, Way Out Weather, from which many became familiar with him for the first time.

The album was a breakout for Gunn, a triumphant showcase of his technical prowess on the guitar. The album's eight songs pull off the trick of being sharply focused and meticulously arranged rock songs that give off the illusion of being meandering, the kind of record one can easily get lost in.

Even though he is early in the process of writing his next album, which he won't even finish recording until the fall, he was excited to share the news about signing with Matador as soon as it happened.

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David Sackllah
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