New Monsoon at Last Concert Cafe, 5/10/2014

New Monsoon Last Concert Cafe May 10, 2014

Take them or leave them, jam bands have been a steady force on the touring circuit since the touring circuit has been the touring circuit. Thanks to the grandfathers of the genre, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band, plus arena-filling predecessors like Phish, Widespread Panic and Dave Matthews Band, the scene has continued to thrive thanks to rigorous touring schedules and rabidly loyal fan bases that continue to buy up tickets to every show they can.

And while these bands will never share the commercial successes of more radio-friendly rock bands like Coldplay and the Black Keys, their fans don't need that. They crave the live experience that has kept jam bands alive and kicking for so long.

Because jam bands are the best players around. They care more about what they're doing onstage with their instrument than any other type of genre. They don't need to look cool, they just want to be happy playing the music they love with as many talented improvisational musicians as they can.

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Jim Bricker