Screwston, Texas

New One Hunnidt Album Admirably Wrestles Cognitive Dissonance

"As artists, it's like we have the responsibility to paint a certain picture of our own lifestyles. It's almost not allowed to be like, 'Man, my life sucks. I'm sad about this or that.'"

-- One Hunnidt

Three days ago, my fuel pump went out. Now, were I in Houston when it happened, it would have only been mildly irritating. I'd have cursed and I'd have chastised the heavens (standard protocol, really), but then I'd have had it pulled to my house and fixed it there. Easy breezy.

But it didn't happen here. It happened approximately 85 miles north of my home, in sleepy Huntsville, which I think might also be referred to as Satan's Taint, though I couldn't confirm that on GPS. And since it happened there, and since I don't live there, and since God enjoys nothing more than flicking me in the forehead, a mechanical issue that should've taken all of two hours to fix ended up getting stretched out to more than 40.

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Shea Serrano