New Tracks From Roosh Williams, Jack Freeman, Roderickvonn, Etc.

Five Spot receives a fair amount of email each day. It's not a gross amount or obscene amount, just a fair amount. And scattered in between offers from Nigerian princes and penis-enhancement companies are links, MP3s and heads-ups from and/or about Houston rappers/musicians.

Now, were this an ideal world, we'd be able to write at length about each and every thing that someone took the time to send across. But, considering that we don't have any dates scheduled in the near future to play Nintendo Wii with Z-Ro, this ain't an ideal world.

So we've compiled a quick dump of all of the things that we received this past week or so for you to peruse at your leisure.

First, some mixtapes that you should look into downloading:

  • Roosh Williams, who we first saw serving as the hypeman for Kyle Hubbard, has apparently been making quite a bit of noise as of late. Here's the tape he's pushing around. More on him soon.
  • Chalie Boy - yeah, Houston is going to go ahead and start claiming him - reportedly lost about a million pounds, and has a new single out as well. We'll be speaking to him in the very near future about both.
  • We finally - finally - found a proper link to get through to J-Dawg, so that interview is in the works. It should not have taken as long as it did. That's entirely our fault.

We kept trying to get in contact with him by mailing known incarcerated serial killers letters to see if they were on friendly terms with him and could patch us through. The mail is slow, yo. By the way, did you know that Charles Manson is still alive?

  • Jack Freeman's new video is out. It's for that "Figure It Out" track from his excellent EP, Dark Liquor. Know this: There is no better male R&B singer in Houston right now. Make a couple of right decisions, get a couple of coin-flips to go his way, and his name could very possibly become one that rings out on a larger scale.

One thing to note in the video: Notice how when he's singing he'll occasionally purse the left side of his mouth. That's exactly the kind of little mimic-able peccadillo every singer who wants to be taken seriously needs.

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  • A former gangster rapper is giving back to the community this weekend at Bless Fest. Good story to read. Check it out here.
  • Thurogood Wordsmith released his first proper EP, The Appetizer. The artwork couldn't be more appropriate. Full review coming soon.
  • Remember JUZCOZ? Roderick Thornton, one half of the group, has been striking out on his own, and has been making some very enjoyable music. He's passed along a couple of MP3s for you to enjoy. Looking forward to his first solo project.

Roderickvonn, "Enlightenment"

Roderickvonn, "Minimum Wage"

Thank you for the support. Have a safe weekend. And keep the emails coming, unless your music sucks. In that case, bugger off.

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