New Web Series "Tour H Town" Opens With Punk Lifers The Hates

Christine Dauzat is not a filmmaker, television producer or musician. She's a realtor.

Dauzat does, however, have a lot of musician friends. One day she woke up and asked herself, "How can I help those people?" The result is a heartfelt and stellar new weekly web series called Tour H Town.

Dauzat began with an in-depth interview with one of Houston's most venerable musicians, Christian Arnheiter of The Hates talking about the legendary Houston punks' 33-year career. Originally, Dauzat planned on a simple documentary of The Hates and Ese, but decided to turn the idea into a continuing series of videos that explored music and nightlife in the Houston area.

"I wanted to follow these bands to see how you make it happen," she says. "How the industry has changed with mp3s, and the internet. How anybody can make a recording for 500 bucks, and if you have talent and if you can market yourself, you can have a shot at fame.

"I started with the Hates out of respect," continues Dauzat. "33 years and rock-steady. Also because they play for the pure fun. True punk, no BS. And Ese, because I love their music, and 10-12 years in they still have the dream."

More and more, YouTube and other online video sites are becoming the breakout point for both music and music journalism. Dauzat has thus far hosted four episodes on YouTube, but plans to move Tour H Town to its own url at www.tourhtown.com soon. For now, visitors to the site are redirected back to Tour H Town's YouTube channel.

The format is still rough as the admittedly amateur host tinkers with it, but thus far response from the Houston music scene has been overwhelmingly positive as it expresses a pure fandom and love for all things Houston. Later episodes have become less formal and more laid back and fun.

Though the show has focused mostly on punk, Dauzat plans to expand the featured genres, and encourages feedback from viewers on what they would like to see. Dauzat also spotlights food, venues, and shops unique to Houston in an effort to bring even more attention to the city as a stand-out metropolis when it comes to alternative culture.

"I love this," said Dauzat. "I want to promote anyone with talent and a dream."

Watch the entire episode featuring the Hates here.

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